Meet the Members – Tom

What was your lifestyle/motivation like prior to joining the gym?
A: Before starting at Edge EPT, I was active and enjoyed playing rugby throughout the week and doing any other outdoor activities I could think of to keep me out the house. I had never been a member at a gym, and never thought about joining one. I didn’t have any interest in that side of fitness. I never really watched my diet like I do now, so even though I was active I was still a big lad.


What were your initial goals when you first joined the Edge and have you achieved them?
A: My initial goal was to lose weight. With the help of the team at Edge EPT – whether it be through training or diet advice – I achieved this in what feels like no time at all.


What have been the main motivating factors that kept you on track towards achieving your goals?
A: The main factor for me has been the enjoyment I’ve had at the gym, training with the people that go there and pushing each other to improve each week. Also, its a fun friendly environment and many of the members become good friends.

I’ve also become very interested in other aspects of training since starting here, including strength training, conditioning, mobility work and diet. It has changed from something I started to lose weight, to my main hobby. It has lead me to change my goals and keep improving my fitness all-round. 


Which programmes or classes do you enjoy the most and why?
A: There is no particular one I enjoy the most. I’m there for both the conditioning and strength classes each week. I always enjoy the punishment that is planned for us.


Why the Edge?
A: If your looking for a gym, its got to be Edge EPT. You won’t find a friendlier more welcoming gym. It has a brilliant team there – led by someone with the years of experience and knowledge that Paul has – to help you achieve your goals whatever they are.

The small community spirit is something no other gym has. It makes it a fun, enjoyable place to train and push yourself and your limits.


Favourite film?
A: It has to be MOANA!


Favourite food?
A: Pizza!


What’s your go-to cheat meal?
A: Also pizza.


Which trainer would you most like to strangle?
A: Kieran… just because its Kieran.


Who’s the worst training partner and why?
A: Worst training partner is Kieran, because it always turns into a big competition between us. It never ends well for either of us.