Meet The Member – Mike Cass

What was your lifestyle/motivation like prior to joining the gym?
A: I’ve always been active, but not as motivated as I am at The Edge. After starting at the gym, I always want to be fitter, faster and stronger. Most importantly, I just love the atmosphere at The Edge.


What were your initial goals when you first joined the Edge and have you achieved them?
A: I just wanted to get a bit fitter and move more. I have surpassed all my expectations and feel better than ever. That’s because everyone pushes each other – it’s amazing!


What have been the main motivating factors that kept you on track towards achieving your goals?
A: Having fun when training helps. With such a good bunch of people, it makes it easy to want to keep going.


Which programmes or classes do you enjoy the most and why?
A: I love the conditioning classes – not that I am competitive at all! It’s all the banter and everyone supports each other, making it something special.


Why the Edge?
A: Amazing people and a good friendly atmosphere – what’s not to like!


Quick fire questions:


Favourite film?
A: Top gun


Favourite food?
A: Sunday dinner


What’s your go-to cheat meal?
A: Pizza


Which trainer would you most like to strangle?
A: Paul, because you never get to rest when you’re training with him. He makes sure you give it 110%.


Who’s the worst training partner and why?
A: This is a hard one. I have to say Adam, because I can’t beat his score. I am not competitive at all!