Meet the Members – Ruth

What was your lifestyle/motivation like prior to joining the gym?
A: I always liked team sports, especially rugby, but hated the gym before and wasn’t particularly athletic or committed. I’ve yo-yo dieted for as long as I can remember, but of course the weight never stayed off for long. I’d lost quite a bit of weight just before I started training, but I was making myself miserable. Diet and exercise were things I’d worry about erratically because I felt like I had to – never because I wanted to.


What were your initial goals when you first joined the Edge and have you achieved them?
A: I didn’t have specific goals. Sho found out I was crash dieting, shouted at me, and essentially dragged me to Edge EPT. She said, “train with me for a month, eat real food, and if you don’t like it I won’t mention it again”. I thought I’d find it intimidating and wouldn’t go back, but it was the opposite – it didn’t take long until I was hooked. My goals change all the time, but are usually like ‘bench press this weight’ or ‘deadlift this’, and to just keep improving.


What have been the main motivating factors that kept you on track towards achieving your goals?
A: How much better I feel after every session – it’s a great wat to de-stress after work. The Edge is such a supportive environment, and it’s great to see other people improving, and pushing you on to improve too. Paul and the team will always motivate you to keep going. The competition definitely helps too


Which programmes or classes do you enjoy the most and why?
Con games! If there’s a rugby ball involved, I’m happy and it also means summer is here. I love them all though, especially Wednesday con at the moment.


Why the Edge?
A: Because I never thought I’d really enjoy exercise, but I’ve been training at Edge EPT for two and a half years and have never been fitter, stronger or happier in myself. Paul, Kieran, Guz and Aimee are incredible, and I don’t believe you’ll find knowledge or support like that anywhere else.


Quick fire questions:


Favourite film?
A: I have no idea. Moana is great to watch with a hangover though.


Favourite food?
A: Pizza!


What’s your go-to cheat meal?
A: Is wine a cheat meal?


Which trainer would you most like to strangle?
A: Whoever happens to be wandering around taking photos when I’m collapsed on the floor dying.


Who’s the worst training partner and why?
A: I don’t think there is a worst. Training with Sho is great as she knows what I can do and won’t let me slack, although I don’t always appreciate it when I’m dying on the watt bike!