Adult Performance Training

We offer highly enjoyable adult performance training sessions. These include individual sessions – for those who prefer one-on-one workouts. Clients are also welcome to join in with our very popular group sessions. These are tailored to suit all levels of ability and stages of physical development. Although there is a competitive element to our group sessions, no client will ever feel left out or unable to take part in any of the activities. We have developed a very friendly and supportive ethos at The Edge EPT. We understand that the more you enjoy your exercise sessions, the more likely you are to continue them.

Athlete Performance Training

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to offer elite athlete performance training for all sporting disciplines. We can help clients reach their physical peak with carefully designed programmes, tailored to suit individual needs. We can improve a client’s movement, flexibility, agility, core strength, explosive speed, endurance and power. Our clients have included professional and semi-professional footballers and rugby players (from both codes) up to international level. In addition, we have trained international track and field athletes, hockey players, professional golfers, power lifters and professional boxers. We can help to give you the edge in your chosen discipline.

Junior Performance Training

We currently run a very successful and well established junior performance group. The programme is specifically tailored to the needs of young adults. We focus on movement proficiency and correct techniques in all aspects of training. Our courses cover strength development, linear and lateral speed techniques, jumping and landing mechanics and energy system development. We developed and ran a fitness testing session for the BTEC Sports students from a local sixth form college. We included follow on sessions to demonstrate how to use the test results to design their own fitness sessions. Developing good practices and techniques at an early age is vitally important to a young athlete. We can tailor programmes to suit the requirements of your junior group.

Personal Training

Our highly skilled team offer personal training . This is an excellent option for someone who prefers a one-to-one coaching relationship as their primary form of training, or for people with variable schedules – including athletes, business people, retirees and parents with school age children. We can personalise your workout so it caters to your individual needs and goals. We also offer semi-private training for those who like working with a partner or friend, or for those people who get more out of their workout in a competitive environment. Semi-private training typically involves up to four people with one trainer. Semi-private training is more cost-effective than the traditional one-on-one training and is also a popular option. Our personal trainers are the perfect solution for kick-starting your motivation and workout routine.


One of the top reasons people come to us is for rehabilitation after an injury. We have experience in the rehabilitation of all injuries – sporting or general lifestyle, from ACL reconstruction to lower back pain. If you have any specific physical conditions or injuries, our trainers will work with you and your doctor or physiotherapist to plan a safe, effective programme.


There are tremendous benefits to be achieved through regular relaxation massage. Whether you need to relieve the stresses of daily life, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical wellbeing.

Team Building

We have designed and run fun and successful team building programmes for several local sporting teams, corporate organisations and educational establishments. We have designed programmes for junior and senior rugby and football teams, focussing on warm up routines, movement preparation, agility, core stability, strength development and team building. We also offer corporate days to develop a team ethos, covering communication and problem solving under stress in an enjoyable and stimulating environment.

Heath & Lifestyle for Businesses

We offer health and lifestyle seminars for corporate businesses and educational establishments. In the past we have presented seminars on stress and stress management, nutrition for health and exercise prescription. We can develop seminars to suit the needs of your workforce. A healthy worker is a happy worker.

Monthly Membership

£60 per month
  • All classes
  • Open gym
  • Trainer support

Open Gym

£8 per session
  • Open Gym
  • Facility assistance
  • Trainer support

Group Classes

£8 per session
  • One off session
  • View our schedule
  • Trainer assistance


£35 for 45 minutes
  • 45 minutes of massage
  • Flexible
  • Trained masseuse

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