Meet the Members – James

What was your lifestyle/motivation like prior to joining the gym?
A: Before I joined Edge EPT I was overweight with little confidence. I used to go to another gym, and at this point I had no motivation. I always went to the gym half-heartedly and would plod through the session. I wanted to lose some fat by doing as little cardio as possible (I didn’t really enjoy cardio) and lift heavy weights – which caused me to get a few slight pains as I didn’t have the best technique. My diet followed my gym routine – I tried to eat what I thought was healthy, however wouldn’t stick to it for long. I would find I was eating the same thing over and over, which became mundane, and I would just go back to eating unhealthy again. I also enjoyed a fair few alcoholic drinks and stayed in eating food and playing games. So, although I did go to gym, my lifestyle and motivation was fairly poor.

What were your initial goals when you first joined the Edge and have you achieved them?
A: My main goal was to lose weight. Which I have achieved, although I am still looking to lose a little more. This was achieved by listening to the advice and guidance from the trainers. As soon as I spoke to them about my goal, the advice was constant and they helped me with all aspects of weight loss, including what I needed to do, diet, training, lifestyle choices, recovery, staying motivated and not letting my head drop if things started to U-turn.This isn’t the only thing that help me achieve losing weight/fat, the actual atmosphere, motivation and competitiveness that the other gym members vent really helped with this process. When it came to cardio (which I didn’t enjoy), the other members made this enjoyable, and I actually begun to like doing it. Another goal was to be able to lift heavy weights correctly and safely, which led to my strength and muscle size increasing.


What have been the main motivating factors that kept you on track towards achieving your goals?
A: There are many motivating factors that are keeping me on track, including achieving goals and setting bigger and better ones. The trainers at the gym keep me on track by tailoring workouts around my needs, and keeping me interested. They mix up the workouts, and host a variety of the sessions with a mixture of weights and conditioning. They also sometimes join in with the sessions, which helps push me more. Again, the other gym members make the atmosphere motivational and competitive, which makes me want to achieve more. I would also say the changes to myself are a massive motivator for me e.g. weight loss, muscle gain, increases in fitness and strength, feeling less tired, and mentally feeling better about myself. I have become more confident too. This is all a huge motivator to keep improving.


Which programmes or classes do you enjoy the most and why?
A: When I first started, the I enjoyed weight based classes the most, this is because this is something I’d always enjoyed doing. After taking part in a variety of classes, I now enjoy all of them. From the competitiveness of conditioning sessions –where at the end of the session you’re lying in a pool of sweat – to the intensity of a heavy lifting strength session – where you’re feel like you don’t think you’re going to be able to drive home. Also, ending the summer weeks with a banter-filled Saturday morning conditioning games is great, you don’t even realise you have run so much because you’re having so much fun.


Why the Edge?
A: The Edge has changed my life completely, and not just fitness and strength. I had very low confidence and self-esteem when I started, and being a member of this gym has changed me. I feel the best I have ever felt, and that’s all thanks to the Edge and the trainers.I want to start out by saying thank you to the staff, because they are not just trainers – they are friends, and also gym-goers themselves, getting involved with the sessions. The amount of knowledge they have between them is endless, and the gym equipment is top of the range. There are always new techniques from the trainers on how to use the equipment to get the best out of it. Then there is the close-knit members, who are always competitive, will always push you, will be there for you when you’re not having a great day, and bring so much to the gym. There is a real togetherness and it is a very welcoming gym. I have been to a few gyms and this is by far the best I have been to, and I have never thought about going back to a big commercial gym ever since. Nothing can beat what the Edge has going for it.


Quick fire questions:


Favourite film?
A: I do love a good medieval film, so it’s got to be King Arthur (the 2004 one though).


Favourite food?
A: If I had to choose a favourite it would have to be a bacon sandwich.


What’s your go-to cheat meal?
A: Mixed Grill – get a bit of everything then.


Which trainer would you most like to strangle?
A: It’s got to be Paul, but in a good way. He always knows how to get the best out of you. More of a ‘why are you doing this to me?’ strangle.


Who’s the worst training partner and why?
A: Definitely Tom Moor because even on legs day he just wants to do arms (no wonder he has big biceps).