Meet the Members – Amy

What was your lifestyle/motivation like prior to joining the gym?
A: As a child/young teenager I was always very sporty and involved in multiple different sports. However, as I began to approach the ages of 16/17 I sadly lost all motivation for a number of reasons. This led to me gaining weight and, standing at only 5”5′, this had a significant impact on my self-esteem. It is safe to say I had become stuck in a rut. It wasn’t until I joined ‘The Edge’ that I began to feel motivated again, seeing my body physically changing for the better.


What were your initial goals when you first joined the Edge and have you achieved them?
A: In terms of physicality, my initial goal was to lose weight and tone up – which I have certainly achieved. Over time this adapted to focusing on maintaining overall health and enhancing muscle definition in all the right places! However, one of my main goals was to get back to enjoying sport and exercise in general which ‘The Edge’ has enabled me to do.


What have been the main motivating factors that kept you on track towards achieving your goals?
A: When I first started I wanted to improve my fitness in order to get back to playing sport i.e. netball (which I did). I used this as my main aim whilst training. Secondly, I was heavily motivated by wanting to lose weight and tone up in order to enhance my self-esteem. As I began to see the physical changes in my body, this encouraged me to stay on track. I knew the training we were doing at ‘The Edge’ was paying off.
Approaching this question from another point of view, in February 2017 I unfortunately ruptured my ACL and had to have a reconstruction in April. Little did I know how hard the rehabilitation process would be, both physically and mentally. However, after over three years training at ‘The Edge’ I knew how much I wanted to get back to training as soon as possible and also how much I would miss the gym if i simply ‘gave up.’ With the support of everyone – trainers and members – I was back at the gym in no time and am now coming towards the end of my rehab programme. This has not stopped me from striving to achieve my goals and hope to be back playing sport soon.


Which programmes or classes do you enjoy the most and why?
A: Got to be the Monday and Wednesday mixed conditioning classes!- A competitive but fun atmosphere, with everyone encouraging each other and pushing themselves to the limits.


Why the Edge?
A: I joined ‘The Edge’ four years ago and initially chose them on a recommendation from Josh. He had been training with Paul – who was his Strength and Conditioning Coach at Hull Kingston Rovers – at the time. I could see Josh was achieving his goal of increasing muscle mass, which he needed to do to be able to compete professionally.
After four years I still use ‘The Edge’ as, not only have I been able to achieve and surpass the goals I first set, but I have also made friends for life and thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere at the gym. It feels like a true community gym full of knowledgeable trainers who really care about your training, health and (in my case) rehabilitation.


Favourite film?
A: Tough one! Got to be some old classic like ‘Last of the Mohicans’ or ‘Green Mile.’


Favourite food?
A: Beef stroganoff or chippy!


What’s your go-to cheat meal?
A: Any takeaway… and a side portion of cheesy chips, a nice creamy latte and a cafe gelato (ice cream) for pud! 🙂


Which trainer would you most like to strangle?
A: Can I only pick one? Whichever “mastermind” makes the horrible session that day! But I’ll take the easy answer, Josh. Couples who train together do not stay together.


Who’s the worst training partner and why?
A: Worst and best at the same time is Sho! She won’t let you go lighter. Be prepared to lift heavy with this gal.